D2019108 – Jessie

Date Found: 31st May 2019

Collar and tag Details: Purple collar

Gender: Female

Status: Handover by owner

Where Found: HOBO


Jessie was brought into our care for rehoming due to a change of circumstance, and due to no fault of her own

Patterdale cross

3 years +/-


Fully vaccinated



Jessie’s previous owner has stated:

She is good around children of all ages (intros can be done at the kennels, children must be of walking age)

She is house trained

She is good with other dogs (intros can be done at the kennels)

No guarantees can be made on what she will be like around cats and other animals as she hasn’t lived with them

Jessie can be left for short periods of time, but will need to be crate trained again as she does like to chew things

She will need work off and on the lead, and her basic manners as she’s very excitable

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