D2018283- Ruby

Date Found: 7th December 2018

Collar and tag Details:

Gender: Female

Status: Handed over by owner

Where Found:


Ruby was handed over by her owner due to change in circumstances and wasn’t able to care for her anymore

Jack Russel Terrier

Tri colour

7 + Years old

Fully Vaccinated

The owner has provided the kennels with information about ruby 

Ruby is house trained ( the kennels cant guarantee ).

She has been mixed with children of all ages with no issues (introduction can be done at the kennels ).

Ruby has been mixed with other dogs and has had no issues ( introduction can be done at the kennels).

Ruby has not been mixed with cats so we are unsure on how she will react .

Ruby has not been mixed with rabbits ect so we are unsure how she will react if introduced to them.

Ruby can be destructive when bored so may need to be crate trained to help prevent this when she is left

Ruby has no issues with food and toys been taken off her ( the kennels cant guarantee)

Ruby loves going on walks so she will require an active home who is going to give her lots of exercise

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